Term 4 Reflecion
Maths: In maths this term we have focussed on algerbra, probability and geomatary. My results for algebra are: Pre Test - 5.25
Post Test - 5.75
English: In english this term we have finished off the 'food fever' subject, we went and ate lunch at OK Pizza Pasta and all wrote reviews on our experience there. We have just finished some work on Wilsons Promotory, we had to talk about one aspect of the prom. I talked about Biddy's Ghost.

Humanities: In humanities this term we have done work on money and how to save and look after your money. We did an activity on the computer called essi money, where you have to get a job and manage you phone and electricity bills... the link below is to the essi money game.

Science: In science this term we focussed on machines, chemical reactions and we are now doing a assignment on human organs.

Food: This term in food we have been cooking and done a design project on healthy breakfast foods. The design criteria was to create a fancy breakfast for one, which contains a piece of fruit, and egg and a something whole grain.
I cooked: home made dried apple museli on low fat yogurt with freshly squeezed oragne juice and some scrambled eggg on the side.
my design breakfast... dried apple muesli served on low fat yogurt with freshly squeezed orange juice and some scrambled egg on the side.
from the side...

Art: in art this term we worked on getting pictures, playing around with them on photoshop, tracing thing onto a big piece of paper and then colouring them in reaistic colours. my picture was of Lenny Hayes who plays for ST KILDA!!!!!
we also went down to Perl Park and took some photos which we edited on photoshop...
Music: In music this term we played the drums, we had to get out L's, then P's, then green P's and then we could get our full licence. i got my full licence. we also had to design our own band, and their tour. i used acdc's logo but i made it all colourfullllllll!!!!
PHD: In PDH this term we planned our year 8 Wilsons Prom Camp. we decided what we were eating and what everyone in our group had to bring. we aslo did some work on sex education. Abbey and I did a video about puberty.

French: in french this term we had a new teacher, Mrs Russel. we have learnt some colours, months of the year and many other things. we had to do a small project on something french. hannah and i did ours on the creme brulee, a french dessert.

PE: In pe this term we have played softball, crcket, table tennis and lots of other fun games. we have learnt about all the different bones in the body... i can memorise all the simple ones, and where they are...