Maths - In maths during term 1 we focussed on M.I and different ways of recording your data (GRAPHS)

English - In English during term 1 we read the story 'Peak'. We did a project based on 'Peak'. I worte an essay and did some writing and explaing about why the characters in the story did certain things.

Art - Art in term 1 was all about space and illusion. Making something have a forground, middle ground and background, over lapping pictures to create space.

Humanities - In Humanities, during term 1 we focussed on Antarctica. We did several different projects and learnt all about the temperatures and the animals living in antarctic waters. (because there are no land-based animals living on antarctica).

P.E - P.E in term 1. we played lots of different games. we did work on fitness testing and did a beep test. we also did a little bit of work on athletics. we also played super 8's cricket, our girls team won!

P.D.H - P.D.H in term one was all about your intelligence. whether you were body smart, interpersonal, nature... then we did some work on the choises you make and whether you know yourself well or not.

Science - Science in term one was based on atoms and elements and how different things can mesh together.

Wood & Metal - In Wood in term 1 I made a stool. the top was was shaped like a surfboard, with a stripe of different woods. Abbey and i are making a DOLLS HOUSE now as our free project.

French - French in term one was about lots of different things. we learnt about Napoleon Bonepart, and learnt some new words. one is 'derriere' which means 'behind' in English.