in english this year i have wrote an essay about the book 'PEAK'. we have made an argument on any subject of our choise (i choise smoking) and we have now started some instructional writing. my instructions are 'how to ride a bike'. we have done a big unit of work called 'food fever' where we did heaps on preperation work on writing reviews and using good words to describe the food... at the start of this term we went and ate lunch at OK Pizza Pasta i had a mushroom, cheese... focaccia. it was very nice, but very filling. we then wrote a review on the meals we had and our experience at the resaurant. we also did some work on the prom, where we had to choose one aspect of the prom and do a talk on it. i chose biddy's ghost. abbey and i called hayley's dad, Colin to ask him about seeing biddy and what he knew about pattys dissapearance. we also did some work on the book 'Holes' which we had to answer some questions are write an essay.